Stefan Coleman Attorney

Attorney Stefan Coleman is a consumer protection lawyer that protects consumers from corporations. Stefan Coleman protects the little guy against corporations that have all the leverage.

Specifically, Stefan Coleman has taken on insurance companies who are over-charging their customers with no justification. These fights are crucial as so many consumers have reached out to the Law Offices of Stefan Coleman regarding their helplessness in fighting against their health insurance providers. Many consumers complained about feeling defenseless since they were forced to either pay for their over-priced health insurance or go to another company which would endanger them if they had a pre-existing condition. Attorney Stefan Coleman took on this fight to protect consumers from the insurance companies that were supposedly their to protect them.

Attorney Stefan Coleman has also dedicated his law firm The Law Offices of Stefan Coleman to protecting consumers from telemarketers (and the corporations that engage telemarketers) that harass consumers by calling them daily without their consent. Stefan Coleman has punished these telemarketers through strategic law suits that have forced these companies to pay consumers up to $500 for the illegal and relentless calls they have made to consumers without their consent.

Attorney Stefan Coleman has also pursued cases to protect consumers from companies that are collecting and sharing personal information without the consumer’s consent. For example, when a consumer buys something online or clicks on an ad that takes them to a page on a website, there are several companies that track that information along the way and sell it to other companies that re-market to that consumer. Attorney Stefan Coleman is pursuing cases directed at forcing companies to be transparent about the type of information they are collecting, what information they currently have about a particular person, and giving consumers control over that information.

Attorney Stefan Coleman continues to innovate in the area of law to protect the rights of consumers. As the digital age evolves, the rights of consumers must also evolve to match corporate and business interests that are in conflict with the privacy rights of consumers.

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