Why You Should Report a Junk Fax

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Stop Junk Faxes

Did you know that it’s illegal for marketers to send you a junk fax without your consent?  According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) if a company sends you a junk fax, then they are responsible to pay you $500 for each junk fax that they sent you.   This law is in place to protect consumers like you from incurring the costs of this telemarketer – after all, when the marketer sends you a spam fax, you are the one incurring the paper and ink charges in addition to the nuisance that it creates.  If you’ve received a junk fax, then fill out the form above.  If we can track down the marketer then we’ll be in contact with you to help you recover money from them and to get the faxes stopped.

How to Report a Junk Fax

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Junk Fax

There a few ways to deal with spam faxes.  We believe the most effective way is to report the junk faxes to us in the form above.  We review every report and if we can help you stop the spam faxes or help you recover $500 for each junk fax you received, then we’ll be in touch with you shortly after receiving the report from you from above. You can also report the junk fax to the FCC.  This is not as effective though since the FCC receives about 200,000 telemarketing complaints per month.   You can also block the phone # on your phone so that you will no longer receive any more text messages from that caller.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)



The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was created to protect you from the onslaught and annoyance of unsolicited telemarketing calls and spam faxes.  The TCPA law allows you to stop spam faxes by recovering $500 for each unsolicited text message you receive from company.  My firm has helped many people like you recover several hundred (even thousands of dollars) from companies that are sending annoying spam faxes to consumers. If you’d like to report the text message spam you received then fill out the form above.