Telemarketing Spam

Telemarketing spam as we call it is any telemarketing call initiated by machines without your consent such as auto-dialed calls, predictive dialer calls, or robocalls.  Auto-dialed and predictive dialed calls work by having a computer dial many phone numbers at once and whichever phones answer the line are routed to a live telemarketer.  There may be a slight delay if the operators are busy or if they are really busy, then those who answer the telemarketing call may be hung up on altogether.  These auto-dialed and predictive dialed calls were created to save telemarketers time by not having to manually enter each phone number they called and then to wait for that one phone number to ring and go unanswered.  Rather these auto-dialers will call several numbers at once and only connect the operators after they’ve been answered. These autodialers can call many people at once, including thousands per hour.

Auto-Dialers, Predictive Dialers, and Robocalls Are Illegal

Even though auto-dialers, predictive dialers, and robocalls made without your consent are illegal because of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, companies still continue to use them because consumers do not take any action hold them accountable for these illegal telemarketing methods.  The Telephone Consumer Protection Act provides that consumers can sue the telemarketing companies $500 for each autodialed, predictive dialed, text message, or robocall they receive. These laws to see whether you have a good claim are highly complex and factually specific, so it is best to have a firm like us analyze your claim.

How to Determine If You Received an AutoDialed Call?

It is simple to determine if you received an auto-dialed call.  If when you pick up the phone there is a slight pause before the operator/marketer picks up then the company is probably using an autodialer or predictive dialer.  Or, when you pick up the call you are immediately hung up, this is another indicator that the company is using an autodialer.  Finally, if when you pick up the call, you are greeted by an automated message telling you to hold or to press 1 for an offer then this is also a clear sign of the company using an autodialer. If you received any of these calls, then you should report the phone spam immediately to us.

How Did They Get My Phone Number?

They got your phone number in one of three ways: (1) you gave them your phone number and your consent (2) or they bought your phone number and your profile from some other company that sold your information to them, (3) or, they sent the calls randomly to a series of phone numbers.

Why Are They Calling Me?

Calling consumers is one of the fastest and cheapest methods of advertising.  Most consumers answer the phone when they are called so even if you didn’t, the other consumers they called probably did.  Furthermore, by using an auto-dialer they can call people day and night without much effort.

How Do I Stop the Telemarketing Calls?

You can certainly tell the person on the other end of the line to put you on their do not call list, but that is generally not very effective.  We recommend that you  fill out our contact form immediately so we can help you make a claim against the telemarketer, and in some circumstances, help you collect money from them for their unsolicited calls or texts to you. This will definitely get their attention and hopefully stop their illegal telemarketing calls.