Explanation of No Call Violations

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No Call Violation

Are you receiving telemarketing calls even though you are registered on the do-not-call registry?  Have you told a particular telemarketer to stop calling you and yet you are still receiving no call violations? If so, then you should report this no call violation to make your voice heard and to help stop these rogue telemarketers.

The do-not-call registry was designed for individuals to put their name on a list so that telemarketers would know who they could and couldn’t call.  Before any telemarketer starts a telemarketing campaign, they are supposed to scrub their list with the most updated list from the do-not-call registry.  This begs the question how you were still called?  You may have been called either because this telemarketer simply didn’t scrub the list as he was supposed to by law , or you gave this telemarketer explicit consent to be called which overrides your registration on the do-not-call registry.

Reporting No Call Violations

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There are two important reasons why it’s critical that you report the no call violation. First, if you’re receiving unwanted calls from telemarketers you can be sure there are hundred or even thousands of others just like you who are also being harassed by this telemarketer. Therefore, it’s important that you report this telemarketer so that my firm knows that this telemarketer is ignoring the do-not-call registry and should be stopped.  This is not only a practical method to stop the calls but it’s also a civil service of sorts since you are also helping out others who are also receiving these unwanted calls.  Second, since these unwanted telemarketing calls are illegal you can claim $500 per unwanted call according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in which my firm works in everyday.  According to the TCPA (more info below), a telemarketer by law must scrub his list against the do not call registry, and if not, then that telemarketer is liable to you for $500 per call after you receiving the first call from them.  By filling out the above report, we can look into the particular telemarketer who you are receiving the calls from.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)



The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was created to protect you from the onslaught and annoyance of unsolicited telemarketing calls.  The TCPA law states that if a telemarketer calls you using an autodialer on your cell phone without your consent, then that telemarketer is liable to pay you $500-$1500 per phone call, depending upon how intentionally they called you.  If a telemarketer calls you using a pre-recorded message at the beginning of the call, whether calling your on your landline or your cell phone, this telemarketer is again liable to pay you $500-$1500 per call.  If the telemarketer calls you and it’s not an auto-dialed call or a pre-recorded call, they are still liable to pay you $500 – $1500 per call if you’re phone number is registered on the do-not-call registry. As a TCPA lawyer, I specifically focus on helping people like you stop the telemarketing calls and in many cases, I’ve helped people collect hundreds and thousands of dollars from these telemarketers.  If you’re receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls, fill out our form above to file a report with us.  If we think we can help you, we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.