Stefan Coleman Attorney

Stefan Coleman is an attorney for the Law Offices of Stefan Coleman and is the founder of the website Report Telemarketing Abuse.  Attorney Stefan Coleman has been protecting consumers against unwanted telemarketers for many years and through his firm the Law Offices of Stefan Coleman has taken down some of the worst telemarketing companies in America that have harassed consumers.

In addition to initiating cease and desist orders against numerous telemarketers, Stefan Coleman is an attorney of the Law Offices of Stefan Coleman and has litigated major cases against some of the most notorious telemarketing companies in America and abroad.

Some of attorney Stefan Coleman’s class action cases have brought hundreds of dollars per person to thousands of consumers in addition to the immediate stopping of the telemarketing calls

Stefan Coleman has combined his legal background as an attorney and combined it with ex-telemarketers on staff who investigate and help prosecute claims against telemarketers for harassing consumers.

Attorney Stefan Coleman said “We love what we do since our job is to help people.  There is not a day that goes by that we get a message or a call from someone who thanks our firm for helping them get their peace of mind back from the incessant and disruptive calls.”

Stefan Coleman continues to lead the way in the fight to stop telemarketers for their illegal calls.

Working with Us 

Working with the Law Offices of Stefan Coleman is simple.  If we win or settle your case, then you will recover money from the spammer or telemarketer.  If we are unsuccessful in winning or settling your case, then you owe us nothing.  Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible so there is really nothing for you to lose.

When you report phone spam on our contact form, either Stefan Coleman or an investigator from our office will research the text message and the spammer and determine if we can help you. We look at every report that you file with us.

If you have any questions or just want to contact the Law Offices of Stefan Coleman or the attorney Stefan Coleman about a certain case you can always email us at or call our office (877) 333-9427.