FTC Decides Against Changes to Caller ID Law

December 29, 2013 By report

The FTC, responding to an endless stream of complaints about telemarketers spoofing their caller ID, requested comments on improving the laws for their Truth in Caller ID Act.  The FTC’s appeal for comments led 51 comments from different consumers and organizations on this subject.  The current law states that telemarketers are required to display their caller ID and not fake their caller ID by spoofing a fine punishable for $16,000 each day they are in violation of the law.

I have seen a ton of telemarketing complaints in the last year but many of them are thwarted because the telemarketer is using a spoofed phone number. This means that it’s impossible to track down the telemarketer because no one can call the phone # back and get the telemarketer on the phone since that’s not the telemarketer’s phone # but some fake phone #.

I’m surprise the FTC is not cracking down harder on the Caller ID laws.  In my opinon, many telemarketers are knowingly breaking this law and calling millions without any recourse since neither the Commission or the States are taking an action against the telemarketers for their illegal actions.